Christ the King Catholic Churches to Visit in Metro Manila with Feast Day Grand Celebration

Diocesan Shrine of Jesus the Divine Word inside the Christ the King Seminary

I grew up in this vicinity and I always hear my elders saying this is the Christ the King Church. Only recently I was corrected by the Priests I spoke with during the feasts celebration 2018.

Top Five Things to Know Before Going Here

No wedding and No Baptism and No Funeral. ONLY weekday masses and Sunday mass and confession.

The name of the Church is Diocesan Shrine of Jesus the Divine Word. And Not Christ the King Church. The Shrine is in the compound of CtK Seminary.

DSJDW Is still under the Sacred Heart Shrine Parish, Kamuning.

The Shrine is still is the Chapel of the Seminary of Christ the King.

It was dedicated and pronounced a Diocesan Shrine in December 25, 2006 and Shrine its in the Care of the SVD (societas verbi divini).

If you have More questions please Contact the Shrine office at 412-6843.

Christ the King Parish Church

Bansalangin St, Veterans Village, Quezon City

These are the pictures we have taken  during the Feasts. 
Click each images to a larger image.

Inside the Church are paintings on both side of the walls and a choir loft across the main altar

The Church is still under Construction on its Christ the King Feasts Celebration. Please make your pledges and donation by contacting the Parish.

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