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When my new found dear friend invited me to eat in Modern Toilet restaurant, I politely said no. And besides why should I?  There are a lot of themed restaurant in Taiwan which I can surely enjoy. But crap, no to toilet restaurant. I am the type of person who like to relax while eating and looking at the surroundings of the restaurant when I eat. Just like the Filipino way of declining an offer, I said no to the invitation with a smile  and said "yuckk to myself. However,  who am I to declined an invitation from friends who wholeheartedly supported my stay in Taiwan? And so, and I found myself in front of the large toilet sign billboard and you know that you have found the right place.  Modern toilet restaurant is  located in the busiest business place in Taipei, Taiwan

This is what I ordered. It is Sweet and Sour Fish

There are two levels to tantalize all your taste buds in toiletry needs.Hahaha. Even up to this time of writing, that's 2 months after, I stomach has still feel unusual bump just to think of the this Modern Toilet restaurant. Lost my appetite by then, though friends are there and you're there to do anything for friends right? Crap, to eat in a toilet bowl? Or should I say I am excited to see how the restaurant is set up but I dont think I am prepared for the toilet urinal theme to be so off putting. When we entered the place, the toilet seats are everywhere. Our seats were legit toilets in different designs.

I thought the owner of this restaurant has some unforgettable past with the toilet tingy. There are two levels to tantalize all of your taste buds toiletry needs. We ate at the first floor, the restaurant is located at the second floor of a building. We sat at a covered toilet bowls with seashells decorating mostly the toilet bowl covers. One can sit with lid or without it.

We ordered bunch of things from the menu. I ordered Curry in miniature toilet bowl, my friend has pasta with seafood, Beef curry and a bread shaped in flesh popoo. I am not a food blogger so I cant comment much on the food. I can say it is an average. Nothing special. All I know is I am a eater of anything which doesnt bite me. I can say food is average and tasted as it is. ` The price is ranging about 250-300 NTD per meal set (including ice cream, soup, and tea)

It is quite pricey at first but the food is generously served for a single person as an average eater. Next tp served was a chocolate ice cream served in squatting toilet miniatur, lost my appetite by then lol but did have a small bite of the ice cream, which tasted like like frozen water. It is even far more than the taste of our very own version of "dirty ice cream" back in my childhood days in Manila Philippines. 

The Beef Curry Meal in a Miniature Tollet Bowl

Also worth to mention is the attitude of young servers, they are friendly and attentive to customers. Besides, they lived up to their theme. And come to think of it, even though this restaurant would have stomach churning, it actually became a successful business in which they opened more branches internationally. Thank my friend for the generous invitation, Im glad I did. Besides, experience with all the selfiess and groupiess are all that matters!.​

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  1. I haven’t eat yet here in this restaurant though its near in my place,but I like to try then but seems it will lose my appetite imagining like im pooing while eating lol ??

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