My First Flight via Singapore Airlines Economy Class

Manila to Singapore Flight SQ 915 Seat 53C, Terminal Gate 114

The flight is Manila to Singapore via Singapore Airlines

It was scheduled at the busiest travel time of the month, December holidays. A lot of passengers including their dogs and cats were in the airport and I felt quiet blank staring at all the people.   I just recently had the challenge to brought back the cadaver of my OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker)  nephew from Taiwan back to Manila due to an accident. He just started work there in a month.  My apologies for starting my blog with this. This is what I feel at the moment. I still feel the heaviness inside of me.

The feeling of excitement was overwhelmed by that experience. I had mixed emotions as I stepped into the airport and on the plane.
Anyway, when I entered the plane, I saw fellow passengers smiling. I breathed and said to myself “move on this time and smile too”. On the way to my seat, I saw there is a small video screen at the back of each headboard seat. I smiled.
I checked mine in front of me and they call it KrisWorld entertainment system.  We were given headsets on board and I am expecting something for the use of this.
I was so happy to see that there is an entertainment system because I am unreasonably bored during flights. This KrisWorld entertainment is complete with movies, TV shows, video games, music and come also in may languages.
Since I am adapting Spanish as my other language, I searched for some Spanish movies and this definitely cheered me up. “Estuve feliz” 

I like their slogan, “We keep them entertained. So other passengers don’t become the entertainment”

There is also an interactive map in this Krisworld. One can see where is the location of the plane from the takeoff and from where it is heading real time.
Below the  KrisWorld entertainment screen is a Magazine Rack that has 3-4 magazines which one can read during the trip. On the picture above, there is a folding table which one can use for laptop but this is mainly used as a table for eating on short flights.
Three photos above are courtesy of Singapore  Airlines


I have limbs which numb easily so I need a longer leg space. I need to move and bend and stretch my legs from time to time. This is no problem with the seat I had with Singapore airlines.  It has enough space and length for me to move my legs. In this flight, I also learned the technique of going to the bathroom just to also have my legs stretched out.  And to have a picture of what is inside in the common toilets.  There are footrests also on the seats. I think this suits all common leg lengths as well.  I found it comfortable. I occasionally swing my foot while listening to my Spanish music from Krisworld Entertainment. At that moment I to felt settled down and relaxed.


We were given hot towelletes, I said to myself,  “wow, thank you”.  I immediately put it on my face, laid back and the loosen up feeling is heaven.  like it so much. I am a fan of salon massage where hot towels are a source of comforts and cozy feeling.  After like 10 seconds, my cousin elbowed me. The flight stewardess was there to collect it back. I noticed most passengers used it to clean hands and so I quickly did the same. Later on, I searched for it and learned this is “pre-moistened hot towelettes” or air-travel international-travel hygiene towels. Anyway, the feeling of having short salon thingy is heaven for me considering the hassles from Taiwan.

Now, enough with the towelletes, THE FOOD.

There was two food selection. Luckily the selection is pretty delicious. Of course, I craved for rice.  So when I saw the rice with fried “talong” /eggplant with fresh tomato and the adobo, I chose it. I was still waiting for the Singapore Airlines to identify this menu thru their chat service. They asked to chose which drink to take, either orange juice or coffee. I chose both. Coffee is something I can’t resist in my life but I take it moderately. I take one only in a day before I start my day or middle of the day.  The sliced fruit on the side is papaya and pineapple, I am not really sure actually but I will update this once I got a response from Singapore Airlines to chat service. Despite flying economy, I am satisfied with the selection of food.
This is the other selection. You may check the picture below and name it. Overall the flight is comfortable and with a smooth landing. Except for the male flight attendant who looked angry when he saw my luggage in the hallway. I was waiting for the other passenger to finish putting his luggage in the upper bin when he saw my luggage and he asked me to help him put my luggage in the upper bin. He has a stern face. I can’t forget his face until now. 
I learned from a fellow traveler in this flight that meals can be pre-ordered. Singapore Airlines allows one to specify any dietary restrictions that one can have. It can be  Halal food, no nuts diet, no dairy, no sugar etc.


Changi Airport

It was December so every corner of the airport was extremely designed with Christmas decorations. I am always enchanted with Christmas/ Holiday decorations so it feels like I was in the cloud to see those well-designed decorations all over the airport.
Holiday decorations in Changi Airport are really impressive. Holiday trees are all over. The whole Singapore starts their decorations early, around mid-October. I sent an email to Changi airport for articles of their Christmas/Holidays decorations 2017 and the coming 2018)
It’s a good thing that my sponsor chose we flew via Singapore Airlines. The in-flight entertainer and good food really cheered me up. The flight was smooth and turbulent fee. To be able to relax towards the flight destination and overwhelmed with the holiday decoration at Changi airport is a well-spent start of my journey to Singapore.
Do you have any particular Holiday decorations you would want to share with us? Are there Holiday decorations in your town or street? Let me know so we can feature it here too.

Changi Airport's Social Tree. 

One thing one cannot miss to see and have a picture taken upon arrival at the Changi Airport's Social Tree.

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