Peninsula Excelsior Coleman's Cafe


 Yes, Durian Icream Cream is here.

My grown up kids like this Cereals Corner and we are crazy over Yogurt Overload below

The Breakfast Buffet on the other side of the corner has Bacon, Large Cut Fries, Sausages, Saute Beef with Onions

 What will you do if you are in the middle of a long sumptuous breakfast buffet and you have a tummy ache?

It was my first travel to Singapore and I was not feeling well. Maybe it is because of too much excitement and thrill.

I am an early riser and a coffee addict so the next morning, I headed to the Hotel’s breakfast buffet upon knowing it is open as early at 6 am.
As I enter the buffet area, I am happy to grab an English newspaper and sat in a comfy chair. The buffet area has 3 sections for the guests. The smokers area which one can have a view outside the Hotel and Singapore. it is in the balcony area.
The other two sides are for non-smokers, one is near the entrance beside the Indian Food Buffet and the other one is where the main buffet area is located.

I was just staring sadly at all the food in front me when this middle-aged, black bald man greeted me and said, “Good morning, how are you?”
I replied with a poker face, that I am not feeling well because of a tummy ache and with a bit of loose stool.
He then eagerly offered me either congee with chicken breast strips or with a fish and went straight into the kitchen.
After like 8 mins, when he showed up, he has a tray with a big bowl of congee and a plate with nuts (bit bigger size than the usual) onion stalk and bread cuts and I forgot what was the other one on there. Its a pity I lost the picture of this.
The congee is sticky and has fish strips, garlic and fish balls inside. It tasted like heaven when I ate it.
I look at him and said, thank you. When he’s gone, I said to myself, he made a special meal for me. It is a light food and I felt I have recovered my strength and stomach.

This reminds me of home. I am not sure why we grew up with Congee/ Rice Porridge as the healer food. Whenever one feels sick, my family would always say, “I will bring you congee with egg”. It is like a magic healer food which comes before taking the medicinal drugs. We all assume that It feels like it heals the bad thing inside the body and soul after taking it.

Mr. Noordin Aziz, Colemans Cafe Manager

As an Asian, whatever is inside the Rice Porridge or Congee it is more than a comfort food, it is all about feeling better after taking eating it.
And this middle-aged man who happens to be the Restaurant Manager named Mr. Noordin Aziz served me congee as my family would. He made me feel like I am at home and I am healed.
Mr. Noordin staff is also friendly and attentive to guests. I do remember, when I entered the buffet area and sat with my newspaper, one guest offered me a brewed coffee without me giving any hint that I am a coffee addict, haha.

Peninsula Hotel employs a lot of Filipinos and they are happily working in the hotel and in Singapore. Picture here of Filipino cook from  Batangas.

I am not a food critic expert or sort of that, I am just an avid eater of anything which doesn’t bite me.
But with the “customized” extra mile service he provided and the food satisfaction I have encountered at Peninsula’s Coleman’s Cafe, it is surely another move for me to come back.

I am into customer service industry for quite some years now and I am pretty sure what is the in and out on the words of Customer Service Satisfaction.

Peninsula Hotel’s Coleman’s Cafe has Malaysian, Filipino, Indian and American food I took pictures of the food served on their breakfast buffet. Though the Indian food and the other Malaysian food are the food sections that I missed. Anyway, feel and see be full just by looking on it. I tasted almost all the food after my stomach ache subsided the next morning. 


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