“Remember that one does not win the battle without prayer. The choice is yours,” Sunday Readings and Reflections, September 22, 2019

Sunday Gospel Reflections
Fr. Toto Cerada, SDB
Mary Help of Christians Parish, Calamba City

Ang TOTOong Balita ngayong Ika-25 Linggo sa Karaniwang Panahon


September 22, 2019

Hear this, you who trample upon the needy
 and destroy the poor of the land!
 “When will the new moon be over,” you ask,
 “that we may sell our grain,
 and the sabbath, that we may display the wheat?
 We will diminish the ephah,
 add to the shekel,
 and fix our scales for cheating!
 We will buy the lowly for silver,
 and the poor for a pair of sandals;
 even the refuse of the wheat we will sell!”
 The LORD has sworn by the pride of Jacob:
 Never will I forget a thing they have done!

Responsorial Psalm PS 113:1-2, 4-6, 7-8

R. (cf. 1a, 7b) Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor.
R. Alleluia.
Praise, you servants of the LORD,
 praise the name of the LORD.
Blessed be the name of the LORD
 both now and forever.
R. Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor.
R. Alleluia.
High above all nations is the LORD;
 above the heavens is his glory.
Who is like the LORD, our God, who is enthroned on high
 and looks upon the heavens and the earth below?
R. Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor.
R. Alleluia.
He raises up the lowly from the dust;
 from the dunghill he lifts up the poor
to seat them with princes,
 with the princes of his own people.
R. Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor.
R. Alleluia.

Reading 21 TM 2:1-8

First of all, I ask that supplications, prayers,
petitions, and thanksgivings be offered for everyone,
for kings and for all in authority,
that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life
in all devotion and dignity.
This is good and pleasing to God our savior,
who wills everyone to be saved
and to come to knowledge of the truth.
For there is one God.
There is also one mediator between God and men,
     the man Christ Jesus,
who gave himself as ransom for all.
This was the testimony at the proper time.
For this I was appointed preacher and apostle
— I am speaking the truth, I am not lying —,
teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth.

It is my wish, then, that in every place the men should pray,
lifting up holy hands, without anger or argument.

AlleluiaCF. 2 COR 8:9

R. Alleluia, alleluia.
Though our Lord Jesus Christ was rich, he became poor,
so that by his poverty you might become rich.
R. Alleluia, alleluia.

Gospel LK 16:1-13

Jesus said to his disciples,
“A rich man had a steward
who was reported to him for squandering his property.
He summoned him and said,
‘What is this I hear about you?
Prepare a full account of your stewardship,
because you can no longer be my steward.’
The steward said to himself, ‘What shall I do,
now that my master is taking the position of steward away from me?
I am not strong enough to dig and I am ashamed to beg.
I know what I shall do so that,
when I am removed from the stewardship,
they may welcome me into their homes.’
He called in his master’s debtors one by one.
To the first he said,
‘How much do you owe my master?’
He replied, ‘One hundred measures of olive oil.’
He said to him, ‘Here is your promissory note.
Sit down and quickly write one for fifty.’
Then to another the steward said, ‘And you, how much do you owe?’
He replied, ‘One hundred kors of wheat.’
The steward said to him, ‘Here is your promissory note;
write one for eighty.’
And the master commended that dishonest steward for acting prudently.
“For the children of this world
are more prudent in dealing with their own generation
than are the children of light.
I tell you, make friends for yourselves with dishonest wealth,
so that when it fails, you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings.
The person who is trustworthy in very small matters
is also trustworthy in great ones;
and the person who is dishonest in very small matters
is also dishonest in great ones.
If, therefore, you are not trustworthy with dishonest wealth,
who will trust you with true wealth?
If you are not trustworthy with what belongs to another,
who will give you what is yours?
No servant can serve two masters.
He will either hate one and love the other,
or be devoted to one and despise the other.
You cannot serve both God and mammon.”

Or LK 16:10-13

Jesus said to his disciples:
“The person who is trustworthy in very small matters
is also trustworthy in great ones;
and the person who is dishonest in very small matters
is also dishonest in great ones.
If, therefore, you are not trustworthy with dishonest wealth,
who will trust you with true wealth?
If you are not trustworthy with what belongs to another,
who will give you what is yours?
No servant can serve two masters.
He will either hate one and love the other,
or be devoted to one and despise the other.
You cannot serve both God and mammon.”

The prayer is to be recited kneeling after the post-communion prayer at all Masses in the archdiocese starting Sunday, Sept. 1.


Almighty and loving Father, we thank you for the life that is your gift, for the providence that sustains us, and for your wisdom that directs the course of our days. 

Forgive our sins against your love, against each other, and against your creation. Make us responsible stewards of your creation. 

The plague of dengue fever and leptospirosis are upon us today. These diseases have caused much suffering and have claimed many lives. We humbly beg You, loving Father, to deliver usfrom these and other diseases. Heal those who are afflicted. Strengthen us in charity to care for each other. 

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever. Amen. 

Our Lady, Health of the Sick, pray for us. St. Raphael the Archangel, pray for us. San Roque, pray for us. San Lorenzo Ruiz, pray for us. San Pedro Calungsod, pray for us. 



Makapangyarihan at mapagmahal na Ama, nagpapasalamat kami sa handog mong buhay, sa pagkalinga mong nagpapanatili sa amin, at sa karunungan mong gumagabay sa takbo ng aming buhay. 

Patawarin mo ang aming mga kasalanan sa iyong pag-ibig, sa aming kapwa, at sa kalikasan. Gawin mo kaming mabuting katiwala ng iyong mga nilikha. 

Sumasaamin ngayon ang salot ng dengue fever at leptospirosis na nagpapahirap sa marami at kumitil ng maraming buhay. Nagmamakaawa kami, mapagmahal na Ama. Iligtas mo kami sa mga ito at sa lahat ng uri ng karamdaman. Pagalingin mo ang mga maysakit. At buhayin mo sa amin ang pagkakawanggawa upang kalingain namin ang bawat isa. 

Hinihiling namin ito sa pamamagitan ni Hesukristong Anak mo na nabubuhay at naghaharing kasama mo at ng Espiritu Santo iisang Diyos, magpasawalang hanggan. Amen. 

Mahal na Birhen, mapagpagaling sa may sakit, ipanalangin mo kami. San Rafael Arkanghel, ipanalangin mo kami. San Roque, ipanalangin mo kami. San Lorenzo Ruiz, ipanalangin mo kami. San Pedro Calungsod, ipanalangin mo kami. 


Sunday Gospel Reflection

Dealing with Mammon

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time [C] – September 22, 2019 – Luke 16:1-13

money for othersThere is something strange in our Gospel today. Jesus is praising the cunning steward. Why does Jesus commend his shrewd action? To understand Jesus’ words, we need to comprehend first what really takes place with this servant and his master.

There is a steward who had been entrusted by his master to take care of his master’s house and possession, and yet, instead doing his job, he prefers to squander his master’s wealth and betrays his master’s trust. Angered master does what he is expected to do. He fires his useless servant. Yet, upon this impending judgment, the servant realizes that he is not able to dig, meaning he cannot labor in the farmland or at the construction sites. He is also ashamed to become a beggar. Then, he engineers a way out. He calls all his master’s debtors and cut into half all their debts by manipulating their letter of agreement. By doing this, he is doing a favor to them and making them as their friends. This is to secure way to survive after his expulsion. Surely this is manipulation and corruption, and yet he is praised for doing so. What’s going on?

Jesus gives us an example of how smart the children of this world manage their affairs. In the time of crisis, the wicked servant is able to discern well what is most important in his life, that is his survival. For a while, the servant is attached to the wealth of his master and spending them as if this money is his. But, when he realizes he is in the great trouble, he makes the right choice. He detaches himself from his addiction from wealth and make them as a means to achieve his survival. Jesus then compares the children of this world, and the children of light. If the children of this world can use and manipulate the material possession for their earthly motives, so the children of light shall use the same wealth to attain even a loftier goal.

This teaching of Jesus is important and massive implication. We are not only allowed, but even encouraged to use the material goods and wealth in order to reach heaven. Jesus even uses a stronger term: make friends for yourself with dishonest wealth! Surely, it does not mean we can buy heaven, or we can bribe God! We cannot never do those things. These material possession and money serve us as means to live decent lives, help each other and worship God.

The problem is that we, the children of light, are not friends with wealth. We either hate money or we love money. Firstly, some of us may have a perspective that money is evil, dangerous and leading to sin. Thus, when we hate money, we detest also those who have money. The hatred of money may lead to hatred of others, and we may fail to fulfill Christ’s commandment: to love one another. Secondly, many of us love money. We are attached to earthly wealth that we forget their true purpose. We make means into the end, and end into the means. We turn our family, friends, employees, religion, even God as tools to gain more and more money. It is a disheartening reality nowadays that some people create new religions and churches to enrich themselves. We are only to love God and to love each other for the love of God, but never money. We make friends with earthly wealth in order for us to gain heaven.

In this life, we can either be d victims or d victimizers, stand 4 wat’s gud or join d bad. InHumility is a truthful recognition of who we are & who we are not, of what we have & what we have not. The centurion knew he is jz a servant b4 d Lord. Our positions or possesions shud mke us humble d context of salvation, neutrality is not advisable. Chuz d prophets’ & not d murderers’ way. Choose 2 do gud & avoid evil.

In this life, we can either be d victims or d victimizers, stand 4 wat’s gud or join d bad. In d context of salvation, neutrality is not advisable. Chuz d prophets’ & not d murderers’ way. Choose 2 do gud & avoid evil.

Some ppol watch & rejoice @ d mistakes & failures of othrs lyk d scribes & d Pharisees hu watched Jesus closely 2 find a rizon 2 accuse him. Be not like thm. Rathr, suport & encourage ppol 2 do gud & rejoice in their achievements.

The crowds wanted to “own” Jesus & have him to be exclusively theirs. Jesus came & shared his life & love to everyone. Have u received Jesus in ur life? Share him to everyone.

A mature person is trustworthy because he is able to deliver and fulfil his duties and obligations with the least or no supervision frm his superior/s. Evn if no one watches or sees him/her, he acts justly and rightly Are you mature and trustworthy?

Some ppol play d “blaming” game, of finger-pointing 2 cover up their fears, insecurities, imaturity. It’s always d fault of othrs, nvr their own. Tke responsibility 4 ur own life & actions. U are responsible 4 ur own salvation.

This indicates that John d Baptist did not fight alone. He had supporters. We need supporters in our fight & we need to support others in theirs. Work as a “Team”. Keep d faith alive til d end.

There are hierarchies of needs & values. But it does not mean tht we cn jz tke 4 granted some or neglect d othrs. Wat ar ur priorities in life? Balance things. Try 2 attend 2 them all. Nothing is insignificant or small

It’s not enaf tht we try. To reach heaven demands perseverance & determination til d end. Giving up is not an option. Make pains & trials ur stepping stones 2 salvation.

If you were invited to a special event, your response may depend on who is inviting you. Is it a special someone, a friend, or someone you dislike? God is inviting us daily to do His will on earth and to be with Him in heaven. Will you come? Will you refuse? What will be your excuse?

The reward for giving up everything to follow the Lord has value even much greater than the whole world. It is God Himself and eternal life with Him. He alone satisfies all our desires. Should we look for more?

If d prayer of two pipol is that powerful as 4 d Lord 2 grant it, how much more d prayer w/ ur family & d Church. Pray together. Resiv God’s favor.

A sign of civility is 2 consider wat othrs may feel, think or say on d course of actions we are abt 2 take. It is being sensitive not 2 offend them. Be kind in words & action. Life is not jz who is ryt or wrong. It is also abt gud relations.

How 2 b redi 2 welcome d Lord: -deepen ur FAITH by prayer, reading God’s Word & meditating on it -Personally serv othrs -Joyfully face life’s trials & difficulties. May faith lead u 2 serv w/ joy. Servis is joy. Joy is servis.

Surely, God has His own version of GMRC, Good Manners & Right Conduct, for us. We are expected to act, behave & live accordingly. He will then repay & award us fairly or mercifully. Conduct urself accdg. 2 His will. Fear no hell

Like d disciples, sometimes we factor in on unfavourable or adverse circumstances: place, timing, resources. Sure formulae 4 failure. 4 Jesus, evri situation is perfect 2 do some miracle. Nvr underestimate d heart of d Savior.

Memories r either gud or bad, hapi or sad, in as much as they are rooted on experiences of d same qualities. Herod is haunted by his memory of hving John d Baptist beheaded. Rmmber God’s gudness. Hv hapi memories.

Wat we knw abt ppol is imperfect, partial, limited & relative. That knwldge shud help us not 2 be judgmental or discriminatory. Nvr underestimate d potentials of pipol. Respect individual differences. Celebrate evrione’s success & giftedness.

Imagine urself a “fish” being thrown away on judgment day. U feel useless, worthless, good 4 nothing. Know ur value. Let it be manifest in wat u do. Do good today. Welcome salvation on d Last Day.

It is arrogance 2 think tht we know everything or we do not need 2 learn frm others. Truth is, our knowledge is incomplete, imperfect & not absolute. Humbly welcome wat others may teach u. Humility is the only way to truth.

Jesus came to Martha & Mary to comfort them & to perform a miracle: to raise their brother Lazarus up frm d dead. Keep in touch w/ a grieving friend. Text, call or make a visit. Lift up their downcast spirit.

This is not a parable of hope for the weeds to change. They remain weeds even until harvest time. It is for the wheats to stay strong amidst bad elements. Stay focused. Bear good fruits.

Jesus told Mary Magdalene 2 stop holding on 2 him. It’s time 2 celebrate tht he is risen, but not 4 long. There is a job of proclaiming it 2 othrs. Celebrate wat u preach. Preach wat u celebrate. To preach is 2 celebrate.

Anxiety attacks wen u focus on ur work & forget d Lord whom u are working for. Nvr let ur work make u lose sight of Jesus. He is in our work. He works in & w/ us. Worry only wen u love him less. So love more & worry less

Evryone, including the Gentiles, those considered by the Jews not part of God’s pipol, is w/in the “radar” of God’s love & mercy. Those who will come to biliv in his name will have hope for salvation. Jesus’ name spells H-E-A-V-E-N.

D Pharisees saw in these actions of d dsciples a violation of d sabath law. Jesus saw d inferior place of tht law vs a human nid. Obey d law but b compassionate. It’s beter 2b kind than 2b brutally legalistic.

Giving a cup of cold water to Jesus’ disciples guarantees a reward to the giver. Little acts of kindness never go unnoticed or unrewarded. Help someone in need. Heaven waits for loving & kindly deeds

In answering this question, Jesus narrated the story of the “Good Samaritan”. At first it appears that the neighbor is the victim of the robbers, the one who is in need. But for Jesus, the neighbor is the one who helps those in need, the one who treats with mercy. Be that neighbor.

If God has concern for sparrows whicc have little monetary value, how much more for humans who are created in His image & likeness? Don’t feel small or insignificant. The world may consider you nobody, but for God you are somebody worth Jesus’ soul & body.

Blessings are gifts. Basically they are “undeserved”. Like life, God’s “grace”, faith, hope, love. To share our gifts is our best appreciation of them. Count ur blessings. Live a life of sharing. Let sharing be your life.

Before going to the whole big world, fix first your own personal “world”, most concretely, your own family, your own household. Wen love in his family exists, the life of the preacher is his best witness.

Jesus sees your every situation. So never feel alone or abandoned. Trust His love for you. He sends people and support in any way. His own way. He cares.

Some kind of proportionality & appropriateness is at work in things, relationships or pipol accdg, 2 each ones’s nature.  God respects our capacity.  Appreciate His goodness. Live a life of love and service.  Delight in His wine of grace.

Some kind of proportionality & appropriateness is at work in things, relationships or pipol accdg, 2 each ones’s nature.  God respects our capacity.  Appreciate His goodness. Live a life of love and service.  Delight in His wine of grace.

Jesus’ itinerant preaching allowed him to meet different people and called some “special” discipleship like Matthew. Never settle. Go out of your comfort zone. Be sent. Be seen. Spread the good news. Meet people in streets.
Jesus saw the faith of the people who brought the paralytic to him. A community that believe can be an instrument of grace and miracle for others. Strengthen each other’s faith. Be for others a miracle and grace.
Will you believe that God exists even if you don’t see Him? Will you believe that He loves you even if all you see are hatred and sin? Will you believe His goodness if you experience only evil and suffering? Faith is believing without seeing. Will you believe?
Sometimes life catches us with the suddeness of untoward events: death of someone we love, a loss of work, etc. We may feel “swamped” or overwhelmed. Trust in Jesus. He is the conqueror of our fears and troubles.
Jesus’ call to discipleship doesn’t promise us safety, material security or prosperity. Persecution and difficulties, yes! It demands fidelity, wilingness and sacrifices. Eternal life is its ultimate goal. Take the call.
God has prepared a “final destination” for everyone. Your future depends on how you live your life 2toay. Die trying to be good or be good in trying. Pave your path to salvation w/ loving words & actions
Why were they amazed? Was it bcoz both Elizabeth & Zechariah gave the same name as if they had connived w/ each other? Or was it bcoz they cud not persuade these two to follow them? Parents have to be decisive. They are accountable to God for their children.

Just “some food”. Jesus ordered his disciples to share & give that pipol may not hunger even just for that day. And he upgraded that. He gave not just “some” but everything, his body & blood that we might live. Think of others. Give as he did

See d futility of worry! It reduces rather than adds a moment 2 our life-span. Worry is good. It drives us to be motivated & move. But too much of it can kill. Worry a little. Pray & trust God more. Work harder.

If that is so, wat’s d use asking God? Like a parent, God wants us, His children, 2 ask that we may show our reliance on Him, expand our hearts 2 desire 4 Him more & dispose ourselves 4 His gifts. Pray. Blessings are on d way.

Our time givs rise 2 wat I call “selfie spirituality”. Religious practices are being done 2 call attention 2 oneself. Pray, giv alms & fast not 4 self but 4 God or others. Avoid d “selfie” way.

Our time givs rise 2 wat I call “selfie spirituality”. Religious practices are being done 2 call attention 2 oneself. Pray, giv alms & fast not 4 self but 4 God or others. Avoid d “selfie” way.

To be a child of God, one has 2 act & behave better than others, w/o considering to/for whom d good deed is done . Do good out of love. Do it 4 God. Do it bcoz that is how He loves

Swearing is utilized as a reinforcement for those who listen w/ doubt & by those who speak who have no certain moral ascendency. When ur deeds reflect ur words, swearing becomes unnecessary. Speak & act w/ honesty & sincerity. Be a person of integrity.


4 Jesus, ppol are called “blessed” not bcoz of who they are or wat they do but bcoz of wat God makes of them. They are the scum of society but God’s favourites, persecuted but God’s bets. They got nothing but God’s heven. Blessed? Bcoz of Him

After giving the Holy Spirit to the disciples, Jesus immediately commanded them to forgive & retain sins. Develop that forgiving attitude. W/ the help of the HS, conquer evil in the world. Forgiveness is a way to peace. Forgiveness leads to holiness

What happens to others or what they do is not ours to know. To follow Jesus is what each of us, individually, has the obligation & duty to do. Let ur life, thoughts, words & actions manifest this discipleship as ur vocation & mission.

In telling Peter to “feed his sheep”, Jesus is reminding all his followers of the social, communal & ecclesial aspect, context, implications & obligations of love. To love Jesus is 2 help those in need. Go out today & help others

The lover wants his/her beloved 2 be one w/ him/her in mind, heart, soul & body. Jesus wishes his disciples 2 be w/ him forever, sharing life w/ him in eternity. Wish the same. Strive 2 attain heven. Love. Do good. Be w/ d Lord.

The sending never ends. From the Father sending Jesus, w/ Jesus sending the disciples, today we too are being sent into d world to continue that 4 w/c Jesus was sent: to love & save d world. Be sent. Be love-spent.

Jesus left d disciples. But his departure did not leave them sad but joyful. It’s his lov, presence & trust on them tht moved them passionate 2 preach d gospel. Backed up by these & his power, be a joyful preacher.

Jesus is never timid or felt embarrassed 2 claim that God d Father loves d disciples. God loves us evn if we dnt love Him. Let us try 2 reciprocate His love for us. May our love be as mutual, reciprocal & unconditional as He loves as all. (June1)

Our temporal existence (living in time) allows delays that bring abt excitement or anxiety. Wen things happen so slow or so fast, remain steadfast, pray & stay calm. Trust God’s wisdom. He always comes along jz at d right time.

The life of God is a life of perpetual loving & sharing. What d Father has, d Son & d Holy Spirit also have. When we resiv Jesus (esp. in d eucharist), we resiv no less than God Himself. Share & give what u risiv. Live by what u give

Love is perceptiv, sensitiv & proactive. Jesus feels wat d disciples feel. Be sensitive 2 pipol’s sound of silence or d sound tht is silenced. Our salvation is due 2 God’s initiative. Do gud w/o being asked. Be proactive.

Keeping Jesus’ word means doing, following, obeying, putting into action his commandments, his teachings, his will. That is what love also means. Love is an action. A single love in action is better than one million best intentions.

Relationships grow mostly due 2 sharing & openness of pipol. God reveals Himself & makes us His frnds. Nvr fear to enter into relationships. Dnt live in isolation. Hv healthy friendships.

We need Jesus. He is our life, our “life-su
Jesus wants us 2 remain in his love by keeping his commandments: 2 love & serv God & othrs. Call a troubled friend 2day. Help the needy. 4give someone who hurt u. Pray 4 evribody. Smile 2 a stranger. pport system”, our link to d Father, our food & nourishment 2 mke our lives fruitful. R u alive? Is ur life fruitful? Stay connected w/ Jesus & be nourished… or simply perish

We need Jesus. He is our life, our “life-support system”, our link to d Father, our food & nourishment 2 mke our lives fruitful. R u alive? Is ur life fruitful? Stay connected w/ Jesus & be nourished… or simply perish

Very often, we are worried, troubled & afraid bcoz we are overwhelmed, we dnt knw wat 2 do, we are not in control. Hv faith tht God has d ultimate power ovr everything. Drive away ur worries & troubles. Allow Jesus 2 be in control.

Love is best seen in its effects.  It makes one hapi.  Love can affect our health, love mkes us holy, Love, Love truly. Be hapi, healthy & holy.

Jesus came, suffered & died tht he may take us all w/ hm 2 heaven. Do not reject his will, effort or offer of salvation. W/ him experience joy 4 eternity. Apart frm him there is only pain & misery.

Jesus’ love for us comes from the love of the Father 4 him. Have u experienced God’s love in ur life? Have others experienced God’s love thru u? Let us love one another as the Father & Jesus love each other: mutual, unconditional, eternal.

Not to believe in Jesus is to remain in darkness: the darkness of sin, ignorance and death. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Don’t stay in darkness. Accept Jesus. Live in the “light”.

Sin makes us “living dead”. Grace, the sharing in the life of God, which by Jesus’ death and resurrection was abundantly bestowed on us, makes us alive again. Stay away from sin. Keep God’s grace working. Attain heaven

Jesus’ sheep hear his voice & follow him. Whose voice do you hear? Do you still listen to that “little voice of God” called conscience? Do you follow it? Make a habit to examine your conscience every day. Follow the good it does say.

What among Jesus’ teachings do you find difficult to accept or follow? Jesus continues to challenge us to believe what he says and obey him. Walk with him and dont leave him whatever it takes.

I dare say that grief is human, but joy is divine. Grieving is unavoidable due to our human imperfection. But joy comes only wen we recognize divine intervention. Expect and accept grief. But pray to God that you go and grow thru it.

Without us consciously knowing it, God is finding ways and means to draw us to Him: in the events & experiences in life, in nature, in history, in the Bible or in the sacraments. Be alert. His revelation is for our salvation.

Human beings are hard to satisfy. They always long & desire for more. Knowing this attitude, Jesus offers himself as the “bread of life” that fully satisfies. Believe in the Lord. Hunger or thirst no more.

Whole night of fishing. The disciples caught nothing. John the beloved recognized the risen Lord only after a sizable catch of fish. God blesses our labor. He sees our pains & struggles & reveals Himself in our joys & troubles. His presence abounds. Look & recognize Him.

The fear of the unknown is one of the most common fears we experience. Know Jesus. He is not a ghost or just any unknown figure in history. He is our Lord and Savior. with him, there is nothing to fear. with him, fear is nothing.

Sometimes we nid 2 experience being lost, lied 2 by othrs, feel like dying or feel somethng died in us to apreciate those words of Jesus. Watevr we go thru, wat’s impt. is tht we acept him as Our Way, The Truth & Our Life.

Relationships can only thrive when there is acceptance, respect & trust, among other things. See in your life how difficult it is when other refuse to see your point of view or force you to only accept theirs. Be open. There is much to learn from others.

The bible is written so that by reading and knowing it we may bilieve in Jesus and may have eternal life. Salvation is offered by Jesus to all. Don’t miss it. Read. Bilieve. Put into action the teachings of the bible.

Mary Magdalene went to the tomb alone.  She looked for her risen Lord. Love the way she did… for God & for others esp. those in need.

Jesus is risen! St. Paul said that “If we have died with him, we shall also live with him.
” In this past lenten season, have we died in our sins? And today, have we also risen with him?
Do not let his resurrection be in vain. Happy Easter!

Are you afraid to die? Don’t be… by learning from, living and dying with Jesus. He gave death a death sentence. His love conquered death. For the cross is the ultimate expression of his love. When you love and live like him, dying is nothing.

Jesus made himself a model of service, love & goodness. He not only talked & taught but also put into action his words & thoughts. Follow Jesus. Love. Serve. Die like him, if needed.

If u were one of those seated with Jesus during the last supper, would you feel alluded to as one who will betray him? Today, if Jesus says the same thing, would you be hurt or admit that you did betray him? Check your life. Check your soul. Are you his traitor?

Some men fear to see the success of others because it may highlight their failure. Evaluate your strategies. Adjust if needed. But celebrate other’s success.

The scribes & the Pharisees thought only of their own survival & safety. Whatever good things that Jesus did or said meant nothing to them. Beware of selfish & greedy people. Or don’t be like them. Think of others.

If someone will speak about you, would his words be affirmatively confirmed or will he appear a liar because what he says about you is not true? Let your life prove that what others say about you is true. Or prove them wrong about you.

Jesus is eternally present. On our part, we don’t have to be in an event to have faith. For our faith does not rest in seeing. Where you there in Jesus’ resurrection? Believe in God’s presence even in His “seeming” absence.

Jesus does the will of God that’s why he feels His presence in his life. Doing God’s will makes us closer & pleasing to Him. Feeling alone or abandoned? Come to God in prayer. Serve others. Feel the love of Our Father.

Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save it. It was his way of showing his love for us. For without love, there is only condemnation, blaming, humiliation, judgment. With love there is hope, forgiveness & future. Choose to love & forgive than condemn.

Jesus must have been very good so much so that even guards were impressed by him. What will people say when you speak or do something? Act or speak not to impress but to give a lasting impact & positive influence to others.

Sometimes pain & suffering can bring us back 2 our senses & appreciate the blessings we take 4 granted. See pain as God’s voice calling us bak 2 Him. Listen. Repent.

Jesus appreciated d scribe’s affirmation abt d commandment of love. Yet d scribe is stil far frm God’s Kingdom. 4 love is not wat we know but wat we do. It is not an intention. Love is an action. Show love in concrete. Do it.

Jesus worked to restore d unity bet. man & God, a unity disrupted & destroyed by sin. D devil, on d other hand, promoted chaos & division. To w/c side do u belong? Work 4 Jesus, not for d demon.

Prayer is a relationshp bet. God & man. Lyk any relationshp, d mor constant & frequent d connection in prayer, d mor this relationship grows in intimacy. Ask mor than material favors. Pray 2 lav God mor. Seek not jz things but relational gains.

Fight d devil’s temptation strategies: 1. He attacks us wher he knows we are weak. Pray & be strong. 2. He uses d scriptures. Know & liv God’s words. 3. He looks 4 another “time”. Be vigilant & prepared.

D Pharisees & d scribes seem 2 feel uncomfortable & unhapi wen others are hapi & enjoying. They think happiness is theirs alone. Jesus brings joy 2 evri1. Share others’ joy & pain. But dnt be a source of their suffering.

Wen Jesus is d reason 4 everything we do, losing our lives 4 him is not a loss but a gain. Fear no pain or suffering. Going thru hell is nothing as long as we reach heaven.

Jesus doesn’t want us to be “show offs” or perform righteous deeds to gain the praises of men. God will repay us for our “secret” good deeds. Do good. But be mindful why u do it. Please God rather than men & attain heaven.

Wat does salt hav 2 do w/ peace? The salt preserves & gives taste. Here, 4 Jesus it means something that can help have peaceful & lasting relationships: Sacrifice Attention Love/laughter Time. Live a SALTy lifestyle.

Children are Jesus’ favorites bcoz in their weakness & helplessness, they seek others’ help. Their greatness lies in the acceptance of their nothingness. Let our weaknesses bring us to our knees. We are nobody. To God be the glory.

These words of Jesus are difficult but not impossible to do, hard but w/ heroic effort, demanding but mending. To love is human. To love one’s enemies is divine. Where human effort alone may fail, let God’s grace fulfill.

Peter, who hardly knew wat 2 say bcoz of fear, saw beauty in Jesus’ transfiguration. Life shows us terrifying experiences & yet we cn see some beauty in thm. Transfiguration & disfiguration challenge us 2 stay positive bcoz Jesus is w/ us.

Peter thinks of glory, kingship & a leader w/o undergoing pain & suffering. Jesus is the suffering servant who brings glory in spite & thru pain. Fear no pain. Suffering & death are nothing when we gain heaven.

Forgetfulness is costly. Hv u experienced missing a flyt, leaving somethng at home, not attending someone’s special event bcoz u forgot? It costs time, effort, money & relationships. Protect urself frm danger & sin. Remember God’s promis of heven.

Jesus wud not hear d question of his disciples where 2 get enough bread in a deserted place 4 many ppol. Do not be stifled or paralyzed by lack of resources. W/ faith in Jesus, u can even have a surplus. He is our sure “plus”.

Businesses, backed up by all sorts of claims, promote a “germ-free” society, w/ clean food, soaps & sanitizers. Promote a personal “sin-free”, guilt-free lifestyle. Stay clean & pure in thots, words & deeds. Stay undefiled.

Peter’s admission of his sinfulness didnt stop Jesus frm choosing him & making him d leader of his church. Jesus sees beyond our imprfections & givs us our mission. Nvr fear abt ur past or future failure. Trust His trust in u.

Jesus, w/ his disciples rode a boat 2 go 2 some place 2 rest. Upon ariving d shore, he saw pipol there ahead of them. He forgot his rest & began 2 teach. Hv a selfless love. Be a restless lover.

Jesus, w/ his disciples rode a boat 2 go 2 some place 2 rest. Upon ariving d shore, he saw pipol there ahead of them. He forgot his rest & began 2 teach. Hv a selfless love. Be a restless lover.

At times, our knowledge abt pipol hinders us or stands as obstacle to let them prove themselves or their worth. For Jesus, there is something mysterious in each person. Allow that mystery to come out. Give pipol a chance to “shine”

Rejection spares no one. But wat’s important is hw we face it. Jesus, amidst threat 2 his life, simply “passed through d midst” of d crowd & “went away”. Stay strong & focused on ur mission. Reject rejection.

Jesus was accused of doing things thru d devil’s power. Ppol may call us names may be bcoz they dnt knw us, dnt understand us, try 2 discredit or destroy our credibility. Know urself. Prove pipol wrong by ur good deeds & actions.

Jesus is accustomed to doing religious acts. How do u spend ur “sabbath”? Regularly read the Bible; “believe what u read; teach what u biliv; live wht u teach.” 

It is truly disheartening when those closest to u, or those whom u presume know u personally, are d ones who fail 2 understand or support u. Stand firm. U work 4 God, not 4 them.

It is said that “Necessity is the mother of inventions.” D 4 men, not limited by d situation, w/ faith, acted creatively. Faith is powerful. Dnt put limit 2 it. Be creative, inventive & resourceful.

When fame, wealth or power come 2 one’s head, they can destroy his life. Jesus did not come 4 fame but 2 save us frm shame. He did not come 2 establish a name, but 2 establish relationships. Avoid d glitter of fame. Embrace his life.

Was this Jesus’ occasional or regular home visit? For “Simon’s mother-in-law lay sick w/ a fever.” They told him about her & he cured her. Take time to visit or call someone today. Show them ur concern & care.

At this point in his life, Jesus is a man of success bcoz he accomplished wat prophet Isaiah said abt him. Wat abt us? Wat hv we accomplished so far? Have we brought glad tidings 2 d poor? Be a glad tiding to others.

Jesus fed them w/ “multiplied” bread. He walked on d water & quieted a stormy sea. Still his disciples’ hearts were hardened. Unbelievable? Aren’t we like them sometimes? Yet God is patient w/ us all the time. What a great God we have!

Christ is our light. He came to conquer death, the consequence of the darkness of sin. Let Jesus overshadow whatever is still dark in you. Live in God’s grace, in faith, love & good deeds. Start anew.

Amidst our pressing concerns & activities, we may become so busy that we often lose sight of d divine in d mundane things. Look around & see Jesus in pipol, places & events and declare in faith: I have found d Messiah. Or simply allow him 2 find u

In an outburst of praise & thankfulness, Mary recalled & enumerated d good things d Lord has done 2 Wat’s in d name of Jesus? It means goodness, triumph over evil, sin & death. It brngs salvation & givs freedom 2 b chldren of God. That’s y d children of d world hate him. Dnt fear 2 carry his name. Fear that by it ul be condemned.her & 2 His pipol. Like Mary, count & appreciate ur blessings. Thankfulness is a secret to happiness. Be grateful. Be joyful.

Wat’s in d name of Jesus? It means goodness, triumph over evil, sin & death. It brngs salvation & givs freedom 2 b chldren of God. That’s y d children of d world hate him. Dnt fear 2 carry his name. Fear that by it ul be condemned.

Wen in crisis or difficulties, some ppol resort 2 stress eating, go into sports or other activities. Like Joseph, w/ confidence in God, we can sleep on our troubles. God is in control

Today’s readings teach us how 2 rejoice: 1st Rdg & Resp. Ps: -God is in & among u/ur midst 2nd Rdg: -by kindness & thanksgiving Gospel: -generously share wat u hav -be fair & just -dnt take advantage of pipol -be contented -be humble like John Rejoice!

John’s greatness is the greatness of being Jesus’ precursor & the greatness of courage. Introduce Jesus to others like John. Fearlessly denounce injustice, immorality & sins on any given chance.

Imagine losing some pipol u love for years. And for God, imagine losing us 4 eternity. That’s why He looks 4 us & rejoices in finding us. Help those who seem lost in life. Bring them bak 2 God.

Life cn intoxicate us w/ material or spiritual desires tht either we possess or possess us. Stay sober & moderate. Vice & sin destroy. Discipline urself b4 it’s too late

Leaving the boat & their father, the disciples are entering into a new way of living & relationship. Don’t be intimidated by anything new when Jesus is with you. He is the new “new” that calls you to a better “new” you.

Persecutions, like problems in life, may be viewed as difficulties to run away from. But they may also be taken as opportunities to grow, to shine & to be better. Never fear pain & sufferings. They are chances for us to gain the “championship ring”.

The end-time that Jesus predicted may frighten us. But there is one consolation. It’s not going to take place at once. That means we have time to prepare, to repent, to love. Let not what’s scary make you worry.

Generosity is not about wealth or poverty. It is the attitude of giving not what we have but what and who we are. You are generous for who you are, not how much you give.

Jesus knew what wud happen to Jerusalem & its pipol & the causes of d bad events to come. Stay close to Jesus. Do what he commands u to do. Sufferings & pains wud come, but obeying him makes us safe & sound.

What the wicked servant said to the king was used against him. The king condemned him for his own words. Be careful of ur action & words. They may be used against you. Say & do only what builds others up & makes a better you.

To pray persistently like the widow in the parable, wanting swift justice to be served, demands a strong faith. Whatever it is u are asking from God, just dnt giv up praying. His timing is perfect. Just wait in faith.

Pipol are always running in pursuit of many things, even in matters of faith: in haste of finding God, His presence or His answer 2 their prayers. Believe & stay calm. Live & promote the gospel values of life & love. There God is found.

Gratitude is an attitude. It does not come frm one’s nationality, religion, profession or education. It is an expression of appreciation 4 a favor or blessing received or evn anticipated. Say thank you 2day. Evriday.

Jesus wants us to watch out & be careful. He knows that committing sin is inevitable. But to cause others to sin is 4 him more woeful & terrible. Bring others to God & not to the devil.

How many lost souls hav we found & brought back 2 God? Have we exerted efforts, like a shepherd, 2 lead them back 2 Him? Is someone in ur family or circle of friends in need of guidance & direction? Dnt be indifferent. Do something.

Fr. Ramon T. Salibay, O.P.


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Padre Pio 

We begin our preparation for the feast day of St. Pio of Pietrelcina by reciting the 9-day novena to St. Pio from September 15-23.

How to pray the 9-day novena:
1. Start with the Prayer to Obtain Grace
2. Recite the Introductory Prayer
3. Read the assigned prayer for the day
4. Pause for a moment and pray for your personal intentions
5. End by praying the Prayer for the Intercession of St. Pio
(All these prayers are listed below)

O God, You gave St. Pio of Pietrelcina, Capuchin priest, the great privilege of participating in a unique way in the passion of Your Son; grant me through his intercession the grace of… (Mention your intentions), which I ardently desire; and above all grant me the grace of living in conformity with the death of Jesus, to arrive at the glory of the resurrection.

Glory be to the Father… (three times)

* Come to me as Father and friend, Jesus, and do not leave me alone. Lord, abide with me!
* I am just a pilgrim wandering in a world enveloped by darkness; bestow on me your light and your grace. Lord, abide with me!
* In this precious moment, embrace me; let this union between us last forever. Lord, abide with me!
* Accompany me along life’s journey; I need your presence. Without you I become faint and fall. Lord, abide with me!
* Evening is coming and I am racing like a river towards the deep sea of death. Lord, abide with me!
Be my strength in sorrow and in happiness, while I live and until I die within your embrace. Lord, abide with me!

– – –

FIRST DAY (Sept. 15)
O glorious and holy Padre Pio, we are at your feet, turn your gaze to us. We are devoted to you; we admire your life and follow your teachings, and have experienced the power of your intercession. While you lived in this world, multitudes of people arrived every day in San Giovanni Rotondo to recognize and behold your credence, to receive pardon through your word, to hear your teachings and to invoke your intercession. With this same love and conscious of the glorious power of your prayers before God, we are prostrate at your feet.

Pray for us. We entrust ourselves to you, certain that you will obtain for us from God the graces of which we are in need. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* That the Lord grants to the world and to the Church responsible, faithful leadership. Let us pray.
* That every family be healthy in body and spirit. Let us pray.

SECOND DAY (Sept. 16)
O glorious Padre Pio, from infancy you offered yourself to God as an instrument of reparation. With your impoverished family you began to grow in age, wisdom and goodness. Your father, dreaming of a better tomorrow, left for Argentina and you, who said, “My father went far away from his wife and children in order to provide all of us with something to eat,” recognized the courage of this gesture. Your mother undertook the task of providing for the family by working in the fields so that nothing would be lacking. We have your testimony that you left us to serve as a lesson: “From early childhood we worked with commitment… We worked for our daily bread… Our affection devolved on our parents… With them we struggled in the great battle of life…”

May the Lord grant to us sons and daughters: dedication to good works, devoutness, and a close relationship with our families. This we ask through Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that we be a family, for the children, school and church. Let us pray.
* So that the children grow to love and respect their parents. Let us pray.
* So that the family loves and honors God, for the family that prays together remains united. Let us pray.

THIRD DAY (Sept. 17)
O holy Padre Pio, you flourished in a profoundly religious family. One day your father called you close to himself and asked a momentous question: “My son, would it not appeal to you a become a friar or a priest?”

From reading interviews of children on the subject of their future, we see that they do not even consider the possibility of a consecrated life. When asked what they want to be when grown up, they want to become members of the armed forces, doctors, fashion designers or teachers, and life as a Religious in not in their plans. Why? Still the greatest honor for a family is to have a son that God has chosen to be a Religious or a priest. We ask you to safeguard the Church so that numerous vocations are born and that there will be many holy Religious. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that all the services that we lend are expressions of faith in the Gospel. Let us pray.
* So that we know to remain near our poor and needy brothers. Let us pray.
* So that our lives are an expression of Evangelical service in words and deed. Let us pray.

FOURTH DAY (Sept. 18)
O holy Padre Pio, in the friary you began a new life, the results of which you already knew, as you yourself said: “I was only 16 years old but I knew what I must become to take on the life of a Religious… I had to dedicate myself in order to know even better the call of my voluntary commitment and to become competent in philosophy and theology. It was a communal life that demanded a strong spiritual enrichment…” No one mislead you. You mother, when you left for the friary, said: “Knowingly you have come along to the door of your new house… Now, with your Brothers, return to the work as always. Remember me in your prayers and never forget that, above all, you are a son of God and St. Francis. How much is asked, but you do not merit grief for your own loved ones, if that does not give you joy to have found the true way of life…” Thus began your life as a Religious.

Instill in the Church a generous spirit capable of leaving all to follow Christ. We ask in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that all priests are felt to be witnesses of the faith as a resource to the people. Let us pray.
* So that all priests remain in communion with the Pope and the Bishops. Let us pray.
* So that we profit those present every moment, with the testimony of our fraternal life. Let us pray.

FIFTH DAY (Sept. 19)
O holy Padre Pio, your life was simple and far from easy. You were tried by suffering and temptations and the pain rendered your heart like a pruned grapevine. Never did you desire that your suffering become visible exteriorly and you preferred to suffer in silence. To be seen wounded was not important because you knew that it was God who wounded you; you have learned well that to accept suffering does not mean neither to be sorry, neither to love suffering but rather to accept that it therefore humbles one, as the earth accepts rain from the heavens that penetrates to its depths. In this way you coped, Padre Pio, and were able to hide your suffering with the rose of serene acceptance.

Teach us to have an authentic Christian attitude toward suffering so that its purifying and evangelistic action can be completed in us. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that we understand suffering in a Christian context. Let us pray.
* So that we accept in the spirit of faith our illnesses and those of our brothers. Let us pray.
* So that we know to value our suffering as an instrument of purification and evangelization. Let us pray.

SIXTH DAY (Sept. 20)
O holy Padre Pio, from childhood you offered yourself as a victim for others. God accepted your aspiration, and at San Giovanni Rotondo, you became “another Christ” suffering. Of your interior struggles you said: “Who will be able to discover the interior martyrdom that I suffer? A single memory of those inner battles makes my blood run cold in my veins. I heard the voice that called me to obey you, O God, but your enemies tyrannize me, wrench my bones and contort my entrails…” One day, on your body, appeared a stigmata. You desired to be a victim for all, for those that you knew and for those that you didn’t know for the just and the unjust. For the time of your discharge from military service you had become aware of much evil in the world, and you offered yourself for the Church and you asked God that He discharge on you His punishments for these evils as necessary propitiation: you wanted to bear the punishment for the sins of others.

Grant to us from God the ability to accept sufferings and to make them an offering of love. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that our sufferings become the portal to a union with Christ. Let us pray.
* So that God will help us comprehend the efficacious power of accepting our crosses. Let us pray.
* So that God will teach us how to accept and offer our sufferings to Him. Let us pray.

SEVENTH DAY (Sept. 21)
O holy Padre Pio, man of faith and prayer, the multitudes of yesterday and today have come and continue to come to you: Why? They see a man of God, a man of great faith, a man become prayer, a man of suffering, one crucified without a cross… and they remain mute, contemplating your passing hours and hours on end in the choir loft, before the crucified Lord and at the feet of Our Lady of Grace. Who are you to those who come to you, you were asked one day, and you replied: “Among you I am a human being, on the Altar a victim, and in the Confessional a judge.” Your Mass was something magnificent! The people crowded close around the Alter, saw you transfigured by love and suffering, and believed! The intensity of the ardor, with all proclaiming that you lived the Passion of Christ and that you were immolated with Him, was marvelous. Pope Paul VI recognized you with these words: “Look at the renown and the world wide following he has brought together around himself! Why? Because he celebrated Mass with humility, heard confessions from morning to evening, and was a man of God.”

Most dear Padre Pio, intercede for us before God, that we may live our faith as you lived yours, that Mass may become the source and the summit of our ardor and that our life passes into a constant, living communion with Him. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that the Holy Mass and the Eucharist be the source and the summit of our faith. Let us pray.
* So that, following your example, we live in constant communion with God. Let us pray.
* So that we accept unsparingly the adversities that are placed before us as a test of our faith. Let us pray.

EIGHT DAY (Sept. 22)
O holy Padre Pio, for Christians suffering is a necessary test of faith. God chose you to be a victim and you became a sacrificial lamb as an offering for love. You offered yourself to God so that others may have life everlasting. Concern for the well being of others is a hallmark of Christian life. You bear your love to bring among men the presence of God, and thus profess your devotion to Him: “We must love others because they are visible images of God and to love them as God loves them… If God has willingly overwhelmed us with gifts, we cannot lock them up in a trunk without forsaking the good fruits that they must produce.” Your love of God and humanity moved you to suffer with those who are suffering. It was impossible to eliminate suffering but you saw that you could bring relief and felt obligated to do something. Thus the great work to alleviate suffering was brought into being – The Home for the Relief of Suffering – your hospital!

We want to learn from you this sensibility. Never must we pass indifferently by our suffering brothers. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that the elderly and the sick receive from us the affection that they deserve. Let us pray.
* So that we manifest our love of God with works of charity towards our fellow men. Let us pray.
* So that we know how to awaken hope in the sick and that our hearts are always full of good will towards those who are suffering. Let us pray.

NINTH DAY (Sept. 23)
O holy Padre Pio, crucified without the cross, your existence, marked by the preternatural, was humanly inexplicable. Your whole life was on of total dedication to God and your fellow man and, like Christ, always doing good. The crowds rushed to you, to your Mass, to your Confessional, for your blessing, to your devotional practices… and returned home comforted and content. Today you continue to be our defender before the throne of God and, every year, millions of people visit your tomb seeing grace or giving thanks for miracles obtained through your intercession.

Dear Padre Pio, with great trust we turn to you to beg your intercession and to seek refuge. Pray for us; obtain from God the graces we need. We ask this in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.

* So that we be good witnesses of the faith for the world. Let us pray.
* So that we pass on to future generations our way of life loving God and the Church. Let us pray.
So that, in this proud age so preoccupied in possessing more and more, we serve as witnesses to a higher value, as was Saint Pio of Pietrelcina. Let us pray.

– – –
(by † Pope John Paul II)

Padre Pio, teach us too, we pray, humility, that we may be counted among the humble of heart in the Gospel to whom the Father promised to reveal the mysteries of His Kingdom. Obtain for us an expression of faith capable of recognizing Jesus in the faces of the poor and suffering. Sustain us during our times of trial and struggle and, should we fall, let us experience the joy of forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Teach us tender devotion towards Mary, Mother of Christ and our Mother. Accompany us on our earthly pilgrimage towards the blessed Homeland, where we, too, hope to arrive to contemplate eternally the glory of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord God, through the intercession of our dear Padre Pio, hear our prayers

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Church of the Holy Spirit
248 Upper Thomson Road 574371
Every 23rd of the Month –  5:00 PM

St. Anne’s Church
66 Sengkang East Way 548593
Every 23rd of the Month –  5:00 PM

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